Design of the Network Security Architecture for Smart Campus in the Philippines


  • YANG YUHONG Author
  • SONG ZHUO Author
  • Richard N Monreal Author



Network Security, Smart Campus, Situational Awareness, Threat Intelligence Analysis


This paper aims to study the existing network security framework of Philippine Smart Campuses and propose a more robust network security framework based on situational awareness which addresses emerging security challenges. By investigating and analyzing the current state of smart campus construction in the Philippines, the paper reveals the current problems and vulnerabilities in network security. As educational institutions increasingly adopt smart technologies, the need for a robust cybersecurity framework to protect sensitive data and ensure smooth campus operations becomes crucial. Consequently, a comprehensive network security framework is urgently needed to safeguard vital data and maintain the secure operation of smart campuses in the Philippines.

It designs a comprehensive and effective network security framework by integrating relevant domestic and international research findings and experiences. The SA framework encompasses multiple security layers, including access control, authentication mechanisms, intrusion detection systems, and incident response. Results demonstrate the significant impact of the proposed cybersecurity framework on enhancing the security of Philippine Smart Campuses. The findings of this study contribute valuable guidance to the development of network security for Philippine smart campuses. By addressing the current network security landscape, identifying challenges, conducting a literature review, and designing the framework, this research presents a more robust network security framework and verifies its effectiveness through implementation. The framework leverages various security technologies and methods such as situational awareness, and zero-trust technology to enhance the security and reliability of smart campus networks. Moreover, it provides substantial support for securing smart campuses in the Philippines, ensuring the integrity of school data, and facilitating sustainable growth.


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YUHONG , Y., ZHUO , S., & Monreal , R. N. (2024). Design of the Network Security Architecture for Smart Campus in the Philippines. Journal of Knowledge Learning and Science Technology ISSN: 2959-6386 (online), 2(1), 26-34.

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