The Study of Relationship Between Lifestyle Choices and MBTI


  • Joanne Lee Marymount High School Author
  • Kyoung Un Park Wilbraham & Monson Academy Author
  • Hyojin Yun St. John's School Author
  • Suejeong Lee St. John's School Author
  • Hyejin Yun St. John's School Author



Lifestyle Choices, MBTI Personality Types, Behavioral Correlation


The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between lifestyle choices and MBTI. There were 86 participants who recorded their responses on a Google Form. Participants were provided a link to an MBTI assessment if they were unsure or had not taken an MBTI assessment prior to completing the form. Personality is believed to affect our preferences and our behavior. A total of 15 questions related to lifestyle choices were asked, and the data was compiled to determine whether there was a correlation between MBTI personality types and their lifestyle choices. An additional two questions were asked about gender and age for biographical data. To ascertain if personality is intrinsically related to lifestyle, commonalities had to be found within most members of each MBTI type. These questions include one’s usual state of mind, preferred entertainment genre, (prospective) career field, and a multitude of other insightful questions about one’s preferences. However, one limitation of this study was the relatively small sample size to the number of 16 MBTI types. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a popular form of personality assessment that people use to aid their daily lives. Many people use their MBTI type to explore their strengths and weaknesses and improve them. This is done through understanding the role of cognitive functions and their varying strength by each MBTI type. Because people who share an MBTI type have so many behavioral similarities, there may also be a relationship between MBTI types and preferences.


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Lee, J., Park, K. U., Yun, H., Lee, S., & Yun, H. (2024). The Study of Relationship Between Lifestyle Choices and MBTI. Journal of Knowledge Learning and Science Technology ISSN: 2959-6386 (online), 2(3), 15-33.

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