Evaluating the Impact of DevOps Practice in the U.S. Health Care Systems


  • Omolola Akinola Dept. of Information Systems and Analysis Lamar University Beaumont, Texas, USA Author
  • Omowunmi Oyerinde Author
  • Akintunde Akinola Author




DevOps, healthcare systems


The adoption of DevOps practices in the U.S. healthcare system has garnered significant attention in recent years, promising improved efficiency, collaboration, and quality of care delivery. This paper critically evaluates the impact of DevOps practices within the intricate landscape of healthcare systems in the United States. Through a systematic analysis of case studies, empirical research, and industry reports, this study assesses the extent to which DevOps principles have been implemented and their effects on various aspects of healthcare operations. Key metrics such as deployment frequency, lead time, and mean time to recovery are examined alongside qualitative indicators such as cultural shifts, stakeholder satisfaction, and regulatory compliance. Furthermore, challenges and barriers to DevOps adoption in healthcare settings are identified, offering insights into strategies for overcoming these obstacles. By synthesizing empirical evidence and expert insights, this paper provides a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of DevOps practices in enhancing the agility, reliability, and innovation capabilities of U.S. healthcare systems


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Akinola, O., Oyerinde, O., & Akinola, A. (2023). Evaluating the Impact of DevOps Practice in the U.S. Health Care Systems. Journal of Knowledge Learning and Science Technology ISSN: 2959-6386 (online), 2(1), 158-162. https://doi.org/10.60087/jklst.vol2.n1.p162