Alignment of Coursebook and Curriculum: Effective Business English Learning Outcomes




Business English, Coursebook, Communication Skills, Employability


Confronted with the challenges of an interconnected work environment, students often have difficulties in connecting theoretical knowledge with practical communication skills. This article examines the potential of business English coursebooks to be reimagined as transforming tools that equip students to traverse the business environment effortlessly. Previously seen as purely theoretical resources, these coursebooks may now be recognized as valuable assets for students. We contend that meticulously crafted coursebooks, when used proficiently, may serve as gateways to developing essential communication aptitudes, cultural consciousness, and pragmatic negotiation proficiencies. Through interesting case studies, interactive activities, and simulations, students obtain genuine experience in composing emails, making presentations, and participating in negotiations, increasing confidence and enhancing their employability potential. In conclusion, we emphasize the many advantages of using coursebooks not just as reservoirs of information but also as dynamic tools for molding self-assured and accomplished corporate communicators. This article only concentrates on the compliance of the coursebook to the aims of the course of the English major students at Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry and Trade.


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Nguyen, V. D. (2024). Alignment of Coursebook and Curriculum: Effective Business English Learning Outcomes. Journal of Knowledge Learning and Science Technology ISSN: 2959-6386 (online), 3(1), 248-258.

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