Data Analysis of the Influence of Various Forms of Music on the Heart Rate of a Dog and Human


  • Jaimie Choi Author
  • Jaeyoung Park Author
  • Ryan Kim Author
  • Joanne Lee Author
  • Hankyol Kim Author
  • Andrew Chi Author
  • Kyoung Un Park Author



This research’s goal is to give a better understanding of the heart rate of dogs & humans, and how hearing affects the 
heart rate. According to the medical experts of Small Door Veterinary, nearly 10% of pet dogs develop heart failure 
causing more and more dog owners to be concerned about this issue. Also, research and studies from the doctors in 
Mount Elizabeth have shown how stress is one popular reason why people suffer from heart problems to anxiety 
(Abel, Kelvin and En, 2023). 
One example of what people do to relieve stress is by listening to music. Researchers at Stanford University have 
noted that music is something anyone can use and is a great stress-reduction tool (News Center, 2007). 
Colorado State College of Veterinary Medicine study has also revealed that easy listening music has a soothing, 
therapeutic effect on dogs and may mitigate stress (Classical Music Calms Shelter Dogs, New Colorado State 
University Study Says | News & Media Relations | Colorado State University, 2012). 
Our participants listened to 2 sets of music in each genre. Then checked the average heartbeat rate by using the PISCO 
nursing practice stethoscope. After an analysis on the average of the two music in each genre, it shows that songs that 
fall into the category of pop or rock increased the heartbeat of the dog compared to the average heartbeat after listening 
to calm genres such as jazz. 


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Choi, J., Park, J., Kim, R., Lee, J., Kim, H., Chi, A., & Park, K. U. (2024). Data Analysis of the Influence of Various Forms of Music on the Heart Rate of a Dog and Human. Journal of Knowledge Learning and Science Technology ISSN: 2959-6386 (online), 2(3), 120-130.

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