Leveraging Advanced Analytics for Reference Data Analysis in Finance


  • Manish Tomar Citibank, USA. Author
  • Vathsala Periyasamy Hexaware Technologies, USA. Author




Advanced Analytics, Reference Data, Finance, Financial Analysis


This paper explores the utilization of advanced analytics techniques for reference data analysis within the finance sector. Reference data plays a crucial role in financial analysis, providing essential information for various processes such as risk management, trading, and regulatory compliance. Leveraging advanced analytics methodologies enables financial institutions to extract valuable insights from reference data, thereby enhancing decision-making processes and improving operational efficiency. The paper discusses the challenges associated with reference data analysis in finance and highlights the opportunities presented by advanced analytics approaches. By examining case studies and industry best practices, the paper offers insights into how financial institutions can effectively leverage advanced analytics to derive actionable intelligence from reference data.


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Tomar, M., & Periyasamy, V. (2023). Leveraging Advanced Analytics for Reference Data Analysis in Finance . Journal of Knowledge Learning and Science Technology ISSN: 2959-6386 (online), 2(1), 128-136. https://doi.org/10.60087/jklst.vol2.n1.p136

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